Try all of these challenges!

You’ll start with Hello World and hopefully by Wednesday you’ll have a giant P2P badge network running.

Try combining multiple challenges into one codebase.

  1. Hello World on screen
  2. Detect Button press
  3. Detect capacitive touch
  4. Add LEDs and flash them
  5. Add a Buzzer/Speaker and play music
  6. Implement your own on-screen menu
  7. Broadcast a different NFC URL
  8. Broadcast an Eddystone and iBeacon message
  9. Use Noble and Node.js on your laptop to read the beacon data
  10. Turn the Badge into HID buttons for your PC.
  11. Create and display your own images
  12. Implement Web Bluetooth with the Puck.js library
  13. Detect movement with a PIR sensor
  14. Connect to a BLE LED Lightbulb
  15. Connect to a BLE LED Strip
  16. Communicate with another badge
  17. Communicate with some other Bluetooth devices
  18. Implement DAT protocol on Espruino

The Grand Challenge

Don’t forget the grand challenge!

Advanced tools

There are several mobile apps from Nordic Semiconductor that you may find useful in any challenges that use Bluetooth. nRF toolbox can also be used to update the badges firmware or re-flash a badge that you have messed up.