On-Screen Menu

Challenge 6

If you implement an on-screen menu with up-down-left-right-select then you could have lots of your challenges on the badge at the same time and demo them to people. Have a look at the github repo for the sample code.

Add to the existing menu

You can also try the following:

  • Turn off ‘Reset Before Send’ in the Web IDE options
  • Write your code a bit like this:
Badge.apps["My Foobar"] = function() {
  // my stuff
  // when done, call Badge.menu
  // eg. setWatch(Badge.menu, BTNB, { repeat: 1, debounce: 50, edge: "rising" });
  • Upload or copy/paste that code
  • It will appear in the apps list on the badge’s menu
  • You can’t save, but it’ll persist until you reset the badge