Capacitive Sense

To detect a press, we want to use the capacitive sense functionality on the badge. Type Badge.capSense(1) on the left-hand side of the IDE. You can use tab-complete to help you. You should get a number displayed in the region of about 10,000 - this value depends on the capacitance on that corner of the badge.

Press your finger on the corner marked 1 and try again (up arrow, then enter) - you should see a much higher value - probably over 100,000.

We can read all 6 corners using ES6 arrow functions and map:


Note that not all corners are identical - for instance the corner nearest the Bluetooth module (corner 3) will probably read a bit less, because there’s less wire.

It’s easy enough for us to just threshold the capacitance values to return an array of boolean values. You can use up-arrow and left to move the cursor and edit the last line (or even the mouse), but you need to get the cursor on the end of the line before you hit enter or it’ll create a newline rather than executing:


So at this point it’d be nice to use the display to show our values…